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That's a good one

It's been a long time since I saw anything good about star wars, this movie is great. And it's about time somebody explained how the mandalorian wars started, hell, it even made me want to play KOTOR again.

DutchinLive responds:

Yeah, I loved the games, and got into reading the wookiepedia articles on the war, I felt it just fit in good with madness 2d combat, and I worked at it from there!

Now THAT's what I call action!

You certainly overdid it a little with all the dialogs, but the fights are incredible, too bad they were pretty short though. And for my taste you've made Shadow's temper too much angry.

Incredibly incredible!

Those are some awesome models you've got there, very impressive, I mostly liked the slicing one and the rage beam, the others are very catchy too. With characters such as theese you have no chance to fail, so keep it up, man.

Osuka responds:

Thanks a lot dude, also i need to practice more :)

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Almost perfect

This game is a very decent continue of "Sonny", the voices got better, new characters, different RPG system, PVP option and more zones and items are a good addition, but sadly enough this is kinda ruined by the downsides.
The first thing I noticed is more flexible and smarter (as far as I could tell) AI of your teammates, but they still tend to make stupid moves that can significaly prolong the fight, or even lose it. The most obvious of those is that they attack the enemy when he applies "Subversion" on himself, healing him instead of damaging, and they don't even realize it. Even when you set them on "fully defensive" mode for the turn, they might still decide to attack "Subversioned" enemy.
Character classes are kinda unbalanced, it's way easier to beat the game with biological zombie since he's all about damage, and you have Veradux for healing. Quite frankly the other two classes were too tough for me to understand, not to mention that I personaly found most of the abilities useless in combat since every time I used them they didn't really help.
"Heroic" difficulty time limit is very unpleasant, in this game you need time to think through which move would be best to use and how the fight can develop (unless of course you play biological where you have only 2 moves to consider when you're under pressure).
I don't know if it's a bug, or if it was supposed to be like this, but several buffs and debuffs have wrong "remaining active time" display (like this "instant kill" buff of the Warden in the first zone, it says you have 10 turns remaining to live, but you die in 1)
The game was probably developed to be challenging, but in my opinion you overdid it a little. The first "Sonny" was tough, but this game is over the edge, because of this I can't even force myself to "try to beat this nasty bad guy with 10x health and focus than all my team has together for the 20th time" like I did in "Sonny".
Overall this game is good, but it can still be even better.

Krinn responds:

I gladly accept all the complaints you listed in your review, except the one about Subversion.

The ONLY reason Subversion exists is that the AI cannot see it. If the AI can see it, it will have no use... The enemy will never heal a subverted ally or attack a subverted team mate.

If you want to successfully subvert your team without someone else healing it, you need to change their AI to full attack.

All the classes are reasonably balanced, even in PvP. but Biological was made easier to play intentionally: The other ones were there to provide more interesting strategic gameplay, if the player was interested.

The time limit does put pressure on you, but that was so you had to make up your mind and think ahead fast.

Even though I do think it's a gay system compared to proper action RPG, its the closest I thought I could get it. Sometimes pressure makes it a bit more satisfying to beat somebody, even though I admit it does get annoying on longer fights.

Thanks for your comments!

Nice work

Very good illusion collection, I haven't seen most of them before, and esspecialy the fact that you bothered to animate several of them to show they're true, up until now I didn't believe that the squares on the illusion with the green cyinder and a checker board are the same color. It's good to know my music is put to a good use.


Best flash-game ever

(+) Combat (effects, animation and fidderent appearance for different armor)
(+) Other visuals
(+) Story
(+) Easy to understand skill, attribute & ability system
(+) Great autosave feature, saves a lot of trouble
(-) Lack of avaliable items to purchase in stores (yes, I did get to the 4th zone)
(-) Inability to customise the skills, attributes and abilities of other friendly characters
(-) You lose EXP when you get to 100% (i.e. if you have 95% and you gain 25% EXP 20% of it goes to nothing)

Basicly that would be it. Looking forward for "Sonny 2" if there will be one.

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Totally Amazing

Damn, I've been listening to this song the entire day, and I just can't get enough. This song is one of the best I have ever heard. It even somehow inspired me to check this show out, and it's awesome as well. Do make more incredible music.


Omnivore responds:

You might want to check out my Youtube channel for that :3

I've been posting more stuff on there.


That's one hell of a song - you sure got skill.
This song strongly reminds me of something I hard before....but I can't remember what...oh well, it doesn't matter. Keep up the good stuff coming.


Firefreezer responds:

ThankĀ“s dude! =)

Tri-synth goodness

Well it's good to see you back on track, your last songs were a little down-mooded. This song is closer to the "perfect D&B", the first part is my favorite.

Have you ever wondered what is the speed of Darkness?

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