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Posted by Ugilitiozavrus - April 25th, 2009

I'm not sure how this will measure up, never tried rhyme-writing before in my life, but I feel I must at least try. Don't read this as a one-piece story, it's not. Rather, it's a complitation of miniature stories.
The Elements
One soul destructively burns with Fire,
Agile and feral, with cunning desire.
Mystical force empowers this beast,
Pain is no meaning, to it's victims at least...

A foreign warrior emerged, and he was stronger than they all,
He used his might to bring them death, he striked them down without a flaw.
He left destruction in his path, Earth gave him power to control.
The terror halted back that day, but it would never turn it's row.

When worlds collide, there is no place,
To try and make a futile race.
There is one way to stay alive,
Use Water powers to survive.

It was your choice to be restrained
By wretched laws of your embrace.
You should have vanished into Air,
While I was giving you the chance.

All four together they unite,
To sever evil from this space.
Power of Nature is the might,
Of every being, of any place.

If I was younger thousand years,
Your strikes would make me feel their size.
But sadly Darkness is the case,
So you can kill, but I won't die.

There comes a time when one must choose:
Become a legend, or a fiend.
This is no choice, but hardly truth:
Light is the way of rigid guard.

By my command, your soul is done,
And only one can spare your lie.
Grim Reaper answers to no man,
But Death can call him to comply.

Three Powers of the Mind as one
bring horror to the villian's stand,
A fight against them is renown,
A fight to devastate the land.

Defiled by the ways of sport,
A marksman comes to cheat for old.
But Chaos never rests in veins,
And no technique is quite too bold.

Remembering the ways of past,
An Order sentinel steps up,
He may not be the choice of last,
But he can close the deadly gap.

A second is the time he needs,
To strike a foe so very hard,
The Lightning covers vicious deeds,
But it can not remain denied.

It's hardly and excuse to run
When Powers of the Spirit rise.
If you were having vile fun,
Prepare to meet your short demise.

I believe I should explain what this is all about, just in case:
10 elements, divided into 3 power groups. That's how I see it. Each element has it's own strengths and weaknesses.

+ extreme speed
- endurance

+ can absorb huge ammounts of damage and distribute the absorbed energy among allies
- cannot use the energy himself unless in attack mode, and cannot absord damage unless in defense mode

+ he can both bend water directly (including freezing/boiling and shaping) or inflict physical damage
- can do little damage alone

+ extreme stealth, has the ability to shape-shift
- limited attack abilities

+ nearly limitless regeneration abilities
- has no proper defenses

+ great perception
- mental attack resistance

+ incredible magic skills
- pretty vulnurable

+ causes big explosions of energy with every shot, immune to his own magic
- can hardly be healed if suffered damage

+ great knowlege, gets only stronger if hit by Chaos magic
- under right conditions may be extremely vulnurable to Chaos magic

+ limitless energy capacity, severe attack speed
- the more he's charged, the more vulnurable he gets

There, that should do it. It's a very basic breakdown, but it's enough to understand the story.
Any questions?

Posted by Ugilitiozavrus - October 14th, 2008

I though it's about time I bring some life to my existence (also, look above this text, you might find this amusing) and give anyone who's intrested something new to read, so here goes:

The animation I wanted to make for so long is finaly in the production stage, but it'll take a hell load of time to make it. It's called "Chronicles Of The Ultimate", it's a long and epic story about a group of supernatural fighters (not only, but let's not mess with the details just yet) who protect Earth from extremely powerfull villians (trust me, this is only the basis, it'll be way more complicated than that in the animation)

What's this? You want more? Very well, here's another little something, I like to call it the background story:

In the year 2155 a mysterious asteriod hit The White House and the president was killed in the explosion. Eyewitnesses saw something strange during this, but officialy it was declared a "nature event". Soon after, the nuclear war raged, destroying the world as the people knew it. In the year 2913 Earth has recovered to it's state in 2010. The goverment decided to create a special S.E.D.O. group in order to prevent any future industrial disasters, including wars. By the year 3000 Earth became a peacefull and harmonic planet thanks to S.E.D.O., but evil always finds a way...

There are more details, but I won't reveal them, consider it an easter egg :3

Satisfied? No? Well too bad, I won't reveal anymore, except maybe for this sketch below. His name is Necroman and he is the main hero of my tail. (drawn by Haizeel Hashnan (akoRn))

Chronicles Of The Ultimate

Posted by Ugilitiozavrus - April 17th, 2008

Sheesh, when I was able to do his super attack for the first time it made me laugh like hell, it still does actually even after 2 days.

for those of you who didn't play "Guilty Gear" check out the attack I'm talking about:

BTW, is there any way to do the key combinations of "forward-down-back" and "forward-down-forward"? Cause I was unable to do them not on the keyboard and not even on the gamepad.........

Faust is the most ridiculous fighter ever.

Posted by Ugilitiozavrus - March 19th, 2008

Well, I created myself a userpage header, as you can see above. Not very much, but it does look pretty good.

Posted by Ugilitiozavrus - February 21st, 2008

Yeah, I finaly was stubborn enough to try and draw something in flash.
Though my drawings still need improvement, it's a progress already :D
Now I can finaly begin working on my animation I wanted to make for so much time.

Posted by Ugilitiozavrus - February 5th, 2008

I decided to cancel all this idea for making a series and to make one long animation instead (unless of course it will become more then 10 megabytes or 16k frames cause I have no idea how to fight this 16k frame limit). Basicly the stroyline will remain the same, but everything alse will be improved at the maximal maximum of my abilities.

Posted by Ugilitiozavrus - December 28th, 2007

Well, I thought that after two made animations and a start of working on the third one I can declare this officialy: U-Sonic will be a complete series of animations with it's own story.

If you have some useful suggestions and tips about animating it good and/or want to offer any help feel free to write it either here or through PM, anything will be helpful at this point.

I do have a good storyline for it but since I only begun animating it's really hard for me to do it better than I did, but in the 3rd animation I already started to use some more advanced tricks, but it still doesn't look as impressive as I want it to.

Anyway, I am working further on the 3rd animation, but I can't say when it will be done, I intend to do it really better then the first two.

[EDIT 28/12/2007] On second thought I won't be working on the third animation untill I learn advanced animation techniques which won't be anytime soon.

Posted by Ugilitiozavrus - December 11th, 2007

In fact I have a heavy load of ideas and stories, but I only begun my hobby as a musician and a flash-artist, so my music is still pretty crapy. But, well, everybody started with something crappy, so I will improve as well eventualy, it's only a matter of time.
I also have some really good ideas for movies, but I don't know if they will be fulfilled soon, 'cause I don't relly know to draw yet.